Paul Haidle, Office of U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich

Dr. Emord is very knowledgeable regarding healthy communities and has experience working with a variety of community groups and non-profits.  She took a thoughtful, balanced approach to the services she provided to our organization.  Dr. Emord worked closely with the organizers of the strategy session and listened closely to the concerns and feedback provided in order to maximize the time we had as a group.  She paid close attention to relevant history and background materials so that she had a clear picture of what the event was trying to achieve. 

 Jackie Munro, Community Engagement Specialist, La Familia Medical Center

Patty was a pleasure to work with. She offered keen insight on our coalition’s situation and successfully facilitated a productive event for us.  Patty always approached our conversations with an open mind and well-informed suggestions for our process.

Debra Boldt, Executive Director, REEL Fathers

Patty is an excellent listener. We felt she really “got” what REEL FATHERS does…and is aspiring to do. She’s able to translate that understanding into the nuts and bolts of an evaluation instrument and protocol. She models good collaboration in the way she works…she’s clear, congenial, and responsive. We enjoy working with Patty. Most importantly, though, she’s insightful. When we came to Patty we were seeking greater clarity and depth in our evaluation process. We feel that we found it – and that we will continue to find it as we continue to work with her.

Aussy Levi, State Director Of Program Services & Government Affairs, New Mexico March of Dimes

The collective experience that Collaborative Solutions Consulting has is invaluable particularly in the state of New Mexico. The Principle researcher/evaluator understands New Mexico’s culture, politics and people and able to maneuver the politics and get the job done! The most helpful service is their ability to ensure that each project is dealt with dignity, respect and the product is authentic.

Marie Thames, Interim CEO, American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

Dr. Emord did an excellent job in facilitating the Strategic Planning Session of the API, Inc. Board of Directors.  To prepare for this assignment, she was required to survey historic documents of the organization as well as of the parent organization, AISES.  She additionally had to present in such a way as to exhibit cultural competence and sensitivity in working with a Board of Directors made up of Native professionals in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  I highly recommend her for Board facilitation and planning activities.

Dusti Scovel, CEO, De Baca Family Practice Clinic                                                                                                 

Excellent staff workshop and board training. Both groups were very impressed and told me how much more they learned from these events than previous ones.

Patricia Boverie, Professor OLIT, University of New Mexico

Patty Emord is an expert in helping organizations in the area of capacity building.  She is remarkable in her ability to quickly grasp the essence of an organization’s needs and help the organization to self-evaluate and move forward.  Dr. Emord has the personal and analytical skills to help organizations move from uncertainty and possible risk, to developing the processes and skills needed for organizational growth.

Daniel Erdman, CoordinatorCongregation and Community Outreach, New Mexico Conference of Churches

Dr. Emord facilitated a day-long session with volunteers connected to a youth mentoring program.  This session brought about a renewed sense of energy on the part of all.  A process of brainstorming and organizing potential contacts and resources resulted in a sense of clarity and hope about the future of the program.